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By: Claire Frego


          Today, Greater Dayton Area Hospital Association (GDAHA) and Ascend Innovations are cutting the ribbon for their new partnered location in Dayton’s Fire Blocks District. Now located at 124 E. Third St., these two companies are significantly increasing their room compared to previous leases. This lease includes 11,500 square feet of space on the fourth floor of the building featured above. This collaboration is new, as GDAHA has nine employees working in the building and Ascend has 15. Inside the property will be a large conference room, training area and smaller meeting spaces.

          The location is great for both companies as partners, as well as for individual work. For GDAHA, Fire Blocks District is a central location to many hospital partners. For Ascend, the employees wanted to be closest to Dayton’s entrepreneurial area. Since Fire Blocks District is home to many new and upcoming businesses, this was the place to be. Both businesses will also have collaborative space to work on a combined mission of strategically improving community health.

        Quickly highlighting the work that both businesses do, GDAHA is a member service organization that provides the best healthcare by collaborating with the best local partners. They have 29 members that span across 11 different counties in the region. As for Ascend, it is a life-science product company that builds insights of data science with the use of design thinking. The company’s design thinking is there to help provide unmet solutions in the healthcare industry.

        With these two companies moving into the Fire Blocks District, they will be the first new office tenants in the block. This is truly shaping the area to be home to all different industries, which will give a more diverse feeling. The lease is 10 years to occupy the entire floor, so there are hopes of expansion for both companies within the new building soon.

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