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By: Claire Frego

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Beginning June 12 at 7 PM, Levitt Pavilion will be hosting concerts again after being closed to the public in the past year due to COVID-19. Located just three minutes from the Fire Blocks District and the new Graphic Arts Lofts, these concerts are easy to access and open to all ages. Because the musicians are from a multitude of backgrounds, there will always be something new to hear at the venue.

Starting the line up this year will be Shamarr Allen, a hip hop and jazz artist from New Oreleans. Trailing after Allen in the next weekends will be a variety of country and blues singers. Levitt Pavilion is also holding a celebration for Juneteenth, with opening ceremonies starting at 5 PM, followed by Tank and The Bangas at 7 PM.



As if free concerts and events weren’t convenient enough, parking for the events is easy and close to the venue. During the weekends, parking is free after 6 PM on the street. Additional parking garages are located just around the corner to Levitt Pavilion. As the lawn fills up, seating is completely up to the guests and their comfort of how close they want to be to the stage. Guests are encouraged to bring lawn chairs and blankets for a more enjoyable evening.

While the concerts are provided by the various generous donors around the Dayton area and beyond, there is still a way to give back to the venue. By making a difference and donating, the money goes to helping fund quality cultural experience for all, state of the art light and sound equipment and technicians and professional musicians fees. The benefits of supporting and celebrating the community will last a lifetime.

          To find out more about the musicians’ backgrounds or concert dates, check out their website or call (937) 281-2144 for specific questions.






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