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Little Fish Brewing Company is slated to open a taproom and beer garden in downtown Dayton in Spring 2021. This Athens, Ohio based brewery has been receiving loads of recognition since opening in 2015. Their mission has been “to brew world class beer while sustainably supporting local economies.”

Their taproom’s future location at 112 Webster Station is a 2 minute drive or a short walk to the heart of the Fire Blocks District. This construction is one of many exciting additions to Downtown Dayton.

With Salt Block, The Century Bar, Jollity and the urban loft apartments in the Fire Blocks District, now is the time to consider relocating. Sign up for a tour today to see what all the buzz is about in the Fire Blocks District.

“Dayton is growing, and we very much look forward to being part of its future,” said Jimmy Stockwell, Co-Founder of Little Fish. “We’re excited to become part of the vibrant restaurant and brewery scene and to bring a piece of the spirit of Athens to this strong Community.”



Co-owners Jimmy Stockwell and Sean White


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Co-owners Jimmy Stockwell and Sean White were the first to brew a “commercial batch of “100% Ohio-grown” beer since at least prohibition, possibly ever”. They source most of their ingredients (even their hops!) from Ohio. “We are now proud to be brewing one of our flagship beers, Saison du Poisson, as “100% Ohio-grown, 100% of the time”. Check out their website to learn more about their locally-sourced beer.

Their new location in the downtown will focus on wood and barrel-aged sour beers. Of course guests will also have a large selection of bottles to try from their Athens location as well.

Little Fish Executive Chef Becky Clark is also developing a farm-to-table kitchen for the taproom. You’ll be able to enjoy local beer and deliciously fresh food when they open. Follow them on facebook to see what they’re planning and brewing for Daytonians.

“Cleft” is a barrel aged sour blond ale with peaches, which recently won the silver medal at the Great American Beer Festival.

Cleft: Barrel Aged Sour Blond Ale With Peaches



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“Cleft is a blend of 3 distinct sour blond ale barrels, aged for an average of 19 months in oak. Refermented on 3 pounds per gallon of Ohio peaches from Hirsch Farms. Light and lambic-esque, with a vibrant peach radiance.”

And here’s a little teaser of how they created one of their recent brews (shared on facebook):

Estate I.P.A. 2020




“It’s fresh-hop beer season! Introducing “Estate I.P.A. 2020”:

100% Ohio-grown, rustic fresh-hop I.P.A. 7.3% abv.  Mashed with a base of Ohio 2-row barley from @westbranchmalts, malted rye and caramel oats from @hausmalts.  Hopped in the kettle with Houndsback Hops Centennial, @knausshops Chinook, and 40 pounds of fresh, wet Riwaka, Cascade, Crystal, E’desem, and Chinook from our hop arbor.

Fermented with a clean ale yeast & dry-hopped with @morning_dew_hop_farm Chinook & Knaus Hops Chinook. As you can see, it was truly a state-wide effort to grow the ingredients for this beer!”

“Downtown is really growing into an exciting hub for small and independent restaurants and bars, shopping, entertainment and living,” said Carli Dexter of The Windsor Companies. “We couldn’t be more excited that Little Fish is going to be a part of that.”

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