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Organizing small spaces requires some strategic planning! Not sure where to start? Below are a few tips


-Minimize entry way clutter with a wall shelf and hooks for your keys and jackets


-Have you ever heard of an ottoman bed? The bed lifts up and there’s a ton of room for storage underneath! Already have a bed frame you like? Check out roll-a-way plastic storage totes


-Get a room divider with storage! If your budget is tight, you could always repurpose a bookshelf


-Make the most of vertical space! There are endless shelving options, but remember to keep frequently used items at eye level so it’s not a hassle to get to


-Maximize your bathroom and closet doors by adding a rack or hooks for compact storage


-Ottomans > Coffee Tables. Ottomans provide a versatile way to store extra blankets, pillows, and when you have guests over, they can also double as seating!


-Hang curtains to disguise clutter and add living space separation

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